Frequently Asked Questions

It's been a long journey to this point and we expected questions.

We've answered the most common ones below.
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Why should i be interested in your NFTs?

Simple. Our project is about making life more rewarding.

We're setting future generations up for success by providing the tools and learning to help people inspire each other. We're raising capital to set everyone up for success, not just a select few.

Your investment secures a digital contract for future revenue shares and helps build an ecosystem for the betterment of humanity...

We think that's pretty sweet.


Why are you selling NFTs rather than traditional capital raising methods to raise capital for your business?

We've had many offers to raise money over the last 20 years or so but these traditional methods all resulted in a watered down version of the ecosystem. We were told we were too ambitious, that making money quickly is what mattered.

Trying to work directly with governments we encountered a whole different layer of problems. They were concerned about making individuals smarter and giving them the tools to better themselves and each other. Alas, it seemed everyone wanted to dilute the intention of what we set out to solve.

We were never going to give up we just needed technology and consciousness to catch up. Then it did.

NFTs give us a unique ability to share profits with ordinary individuals who believe in fairness, kindness, equality and transparency. We can give them a voice, while rewarding them directly. Best of all, it protects the integrity of what we set out to do, create happier people.


What value is under pinning the price of your NFTs?

Each NFT comes with what we call a "utility". Simply, it's a digital contract with Stars Flight to rights and returns within the geographical area assigned to the NFT.

NFT owners will receive returns on future revenues from the area your NFT covers. NFT values will increase as more humans use our system and adopt the practices we'll be giving away for free.


What return will i get on my NFT/NFTs?

Future return ratios on all NFTs are detailed in the Terms of Purchase. Click on
the Terms of Purchase button at the top of the FAQ page to view.


When will i get a return on NFT ownership?

Q4 2023 is when our Board will provide it's first report to NFT holders.

We will notify NFT holders in Q4 2025 of what expected returns will be and Q1 2026 is when returns will be paid out.

You can check out our full Roadmap in the top menu.


What is the total capital these NFTs will raise?

$7.4B USD.


How much do you need to raise to ensure the success of this project?

The total amount of capital needs to be raised for the 7th lottery drop to be drawn.

There are 6 cost centers we are raising funds for in 137 geographical locations. This means the locations sold first will be serviced first (that's where we'll hire staff and produce training material for).

The minimum to provide the promised services in our Roadmap for the smallest market (16 geographical locations in New Zealand) is $47.5M USD.


If the project falls over will i get my money back?

No. We will however do everything we can with what we have raised.

All investments come with the risk of failure, most of the time this comes from people building projects around making a quick buck and in a space they have little passion for.

We have worked at this for 30 years, we're in this for the right reasons and we're committed to setting people up to lead happier lives.


What guarantee do i have this project won't fall over?

There are no guarantees.

Our NFT drops are designed to retain independence and control for achievement of our Roadmap and promises made within.


Can you guarantee my NFT/NFTs will increase in value?

There are no guarantees that your NFT/NFTs will increase in value.

View out terms of purchase at the top of this page.


Why are the NFTs pictures of the galaxy?

We've embarked on a massive project to shoot 575,400 unique images of the night sky from strategically chosen locations around the world, 137 different locations to be exact.

Where the image was taken contains the coordinates of future returns for holders and the Stars Flight logo pointing true north.

We refer to true north as someone's own calling, their purpose and direction. Each individual person's true north is different, just like each of these NFTs.


Can i buy multiple NFTs?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of NFTs one can own.


Can i sell my NFT/NFTs to another person?

No NFTs will be tradable until Q2 2026 (after the first returns are distributed).

This freeze on trading is to protect the company and NFT holders from those who do not want individual people gaining greater awareness.


What rights does NFT ownership give to Stars Flight's products and services?

NFT holders will gain early access to our free services on BETA before public launch, this includes our software systems, StarfTV and online training resources.


Will there be future costs to NFT owners in using Stars Flight's products and services?

Coaching and consulting will be available to those who want help or a deeper
understanding of the free system and training that is available, though this coaching
and consulting isn't a requirement to benefit from our services.

We also have a certification which will present many opportunities to earn income
and sell services in our co-operative shop.

We're creating an ecosystem where people can learn and earn from each other.


What say does NFT ownership give to Stars Flight's decision making and company direction?


NFT holders have voting rights for the appointment of independent directors to the board to ensure transparent reporting regarding the governance of Stars Flight.


Why are the NFTs pictures of the stars?

Every star is unique, just like every individual person.


Why is the Stars Flight logo embedded pointing true north?

True North represents a person’s inner sense, their calling, what is important to them. It's a combination of their values, beliefs and purpose.

True North represents keeping on track to what is true for oneself. It's different for every single person and that is represented in the unique time and location of our NFT’s.


Most NFT drops have a few 1000 max, why are Stars Flight dropping over 500,000 NFTs?

The StarfSymphony eco-system is an integrated infrastructure designed to successfully result in long-term behavioural change.

We intend to recruit and hire people in 137 geographical locations. This means we will hire people on the ground in each market and have our training materials in languages, dialects and accents to make things as ‘normal’ as possible.

Our approach means that NFT’s purchased in a location, are in a sense, investment in that location. Returns of NFT’s in each specific geographical location correlate the same way. We want to invest in and involve directly the communities we service.

To see Terms of Purchase and how returns are calculated, click on the Terms of Purchase tab at the top of this page.


How have you priced your NFTs and calculated their returns?

New Zealand NFT’s are low-price compared to other countries. This is because New Zealand has a smaller population than other markets. We have priced our NFT’s on population size.

As NFT’s relate to the population of the geographical area, smaller population areas are lower in price than higher population areas. Returns are expected to be lower to lower-priced NFT holders. E.g: An NFT for Northland, New Zealand will receive smaller returns than California, USA. Revenues generated in the NFT areas and income streams/Starf division are used for the returns payable to NFT holders.

There are 600 NFT’s per geographical area in each of the six Starf divisions. Each individual NFT gets 1/600th share of the returns to NFT holders. The uniqueness of the Starf systems provides targeted advertising real estate space for the right audience. This means that NFT holders benefit from revenues generated in the location of the NFT they hold.

New Zealand          
From West Coast - $213  to Auckland -$10,588

From Northern Territory - $1,531 To New South Wales  - $50,060

From Wyoming - $3,586 California - $243,699

From Prince Edward Island - $963 to Ontario - $87,701

From North East - $16,472 to South East - $56,835

From Highland and Islands - $2,905 To South Western  Scotland - $14,599

From Mid Central - $1,276 to South East - $9,444

Northern Ireland
From $1,585 to $11,019

From Lakshadweep - $322 to  Maharashtra - $313,301

To see how returns are calculated, check out the terms of purchase link at the top of the page.


I have more questions, how can i get them answered?

Jump on our social media platforms and chat with us and our community or check out About Stars Flight on the menu at the top of this page.