Stars Flight.
What's it mean?

Well, here's what are you really need to know.

Our Process.

We focus on the most important thing, the people.

Our approach is about being easy to understand. Properly defining what's important and then providing the tools and learnings that drive alignment.

Why is our process different? Its a behavioural theory and practice.

Behaviour. It's the how.

For the average person it's too hard to take a behavioural approach because it means aligning many things. It takes time and effort.

We've discovered and proven a way to make it easy.

When you focus on the how, you communicate with clarity.

When you base things on how something is done, it focuses on ability, not personality.

The behavioural theory and practice makes exploring where you are at and where you would like to go, fun. People relate because it's refreshing and inspiring.

When you've defined the how, you can accurately measure performance.

People can then work together to create outcomes for one another.

The most exciting aspect of this way of thinking and working? It benefits everyone. It can be applied in all industries, in all schools, in all relationships and across all cultures.

A simple process map for defining how to do something instead of what needs doing.

Consistency creates happiness.

Everyone wants to do a good job but for so many it feels like the target moves on a daily basis. Our process teaches people to remove bias and create alignment.

Stars Flight Ecosystem.

The capital we raise through the Galaxy NFT drops is building a series of platforms and services that will be free to access, promote growth and provide income streams for people who believe in happiness.

Starf Simple Software.

Starf Simple is an online software for the behavioural management of relationships. This can be used in the workplace, in personal relationships and in everyday life.

Using multiple models, this takes care of the many administrative tasks required to turn intention into action.

The Stars Flight Ecosystem.

The Stars Flight ecosystem supports itself. We're educating people on helping each other, then deploying the platforms it needs to be sustainable.

Starf Training.

A guide for using Starf Simple to it's full capability. Immediate improvements occur without training and competency comes within 40 hours of learning, for those committed to best practice. Now people can start making huge improvements quickly.

Starf Training is also where Secret Job Agents are trained and certified.

Starf training ecosystem

Starf Shop.

A place where people can share and sell their learnings and services.

We see huge value in incentivizing those who are committed to creating happier people. Starf Shop contains shortcuts to quick alignment in dealing with people and generating revenue streams for communities.

Secret Job Agents

We're training over 50,000 Secret Job Agents (SJAs) in the next 4 years. With 10 levels of SJA, every industry imaginable will have services available to save time and money. People with more time and money, tend to be happier.

A person for hire.

SJAs provide direct support to Starf Simple users. They facilitate Starf Training and can be employed on causal, part-time or permanent contracts. They are assigned to assist with behavioural interviewing, behavioural job descriptions, behavioural management and behaviour development.

How to use a secret job agent diagram

Trained and trusted for desired outcomes.

SJAs are accredited through Starf Training and work from within Starf Simple. They are aligned to the how, they focus on creating desired outcomes for those that contract them.

SJAs are rewarded based on performance. The complexity of the project they work on and their level of accreditation drive their earning potential.

Developing and supporting happier people.

We are teaching people our process to build a community, giving it away for free to help create transparent democracies for greater fairness.

Engaging SJAs to assist with Starf Simple puts money back in the hands of those committed to creating happier people.

Our promise.

We are objective.

We are focused on the future; we’re forgiving and compassionate.

We are curious.

We ask questions, we continuously learn and build our knowledge and solve problems.

We are welcoming.

We are personable and friendly, countering differences and opinion with warmth and understanding.

We break down the big picture.

We take time to talk through complex subjects in a constructive manner.

We speak to serve knowledge to people.

We are understanding and patient of people.  We know people cannot know what they haven't been taught.

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